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Toys Flushed Down the Toilet in Issaquah, WA

Toys Flushed Down the Toilet in Issaquah, WA

Do you have children? Have you ever had to fish toys out of the toilet? Not so fun right??

Our plumber Mike recently came to a customer’s rescue by removing a magnetic toy that was flushed down the toilet. He removed the entire toilet to access the trap and successfully got the toy out. He is an expert toy retriever thanks to his own children giving him lots of opportunities by flushing toys down the toilet!

We know lots of things can clog a toilet, but toys can create some serious plumbing issues if they get stuck. Unlike toilet paper, which dissolves, solid toys can block other things from being flushed and create big messes! It is always good practice to have a professional plumber lined up if you find yourself in an unexpected toilet emergency!

Project Location: Issaquah, Washington

Services Used: Plumbing Repairs

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